KaasHill Farms is no longer Selling Soaps

Peter and I recently sat down to review our goals for 2017. In that meeting we really asked each other and ourselves why we were in business and whether it was meeting our broader family goals. When we really got to the root of why, we discovered that we could better meet our family goals at this time by running our farm for personal use than by running it as a business. 

So, the unexpected outcome of our meeting was the decision to close the KaasHill Farms business.

While this decision has given us a great sense of peace, the act of closing is a grieving process. We've put a lot of hard work into the soaps, into marketing, and into developing customer relationships. The hardest part is informing our customers who have been so loyal and supportive and who have found great value in the product we've offered.

We will continue to explore the art of homesteading and will maintain our email list to provide you with the latest news.

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Thank you so much for your support. 
Sheena and the Kaas Family